Ocean Freight

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Ocean Freight

Every day, Ship-Road Ocean containers set out on the deep blue sea, heading for ports all over the world. Whether you are importing goods from China or you want to export products to The United States, we have the answers to your logistics questions.

We work with carefully selected agents around the world. Moreover, you are assu World Logistic Service S.R.O of an advanced track and trace system to the status of your transport order 24/7 is known. Both for your global FCL if your LCL shipments, we guarantee to compliance with the agreements made. Indeed, ‘a deal is a deal’! Even in the peak periods from Asia we ensure sufficient capacity for our customers. Together with the Department of declaration and transport, we arrange for proper handling. Our declarants assist with the completion of customs formalities. However complex the legislation is, we have the knowledge to best accompany your sea freight shipment.

Cross Trade Management

Not only to and from Europe, but also worldwide, we set out our containers on the deep blue sea. With a global network of carefully selected and reliable agents we take care of your sea freight shipments throughout the world, regardless of the final destination. Neutrality is essential in cross trade. Ship-Road Logistics Solutions at your request neutralizes the charge and provides them with the requiWorld Logistic Service S.R.O data. During the entire transport process we act as organizer and coordinator.

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