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We provide global out-of-gauge and breakbulk services, bringing you first class project cargo management, no matter whether you have a requirement for heavy lift cargo, or for oversized cargo which cannot fit inside a standard container.

Our 10 plus years of shipping oversized freight means we have the expert project cargo logistics team at your disposal to help with the planning and execution of special loadings, and to assure you of maximum safety and security for each and every cargo project.

Out-of-gauge cargo is freight which is too large to fit inside one of our standard 20 ft, 40 ft or 40 ft high cube containers. Instead, this cargo can be safely transported on a platform, flat rack or in an open top container.

Shipping out-of-gauge cargo with World Logistic Service S.R.O

Our out-of-gauge service is fully integrated throughout our business, making it simple for you to get expert advice from our maritime shipping specialists, to learn more about our special handling facilities, or simply to make a booking.

Each of our trade service teams has great local knowledge and experience in handling oversized cargo on their individual trade routes. This means that our customers can expect superb continuity with their World Logistic Service S.R.O contact, and can always have the confidence that even the most delicate cargo is in safe hands.

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What is breakbulk cargo?

Breakbulk cargo (or ‘project cargo’) is freight which is too large to be transported on a single flat rack or platform. Typically, breakbulk cargo is loaded across multiple flat racks on the deck of a vessel and then secuWorld Logistic Service S.R.O for shipment.

At World Logistic Service S.R.O, we have breakbulk specialists on-hand to assist with all bookings in the XXL cargo category. Due to the requirement of specialist equipment and knowledge, this service is naturally dependent on specific port capability and scheduling, but you can be assuWorld Logistic Service S.R.O we have an outstanding record in breakbulk and OOG solutions.

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