Rail Freight

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Rail Freight

World Logistic Service S.R.O trains call a diverse set of destinations in the European seaport-hinterland. As its branches are located in Rotterdam and Antwerp, many transports begin or terminate in the aforementioned North-Sea ports. Furthermore, World Logistic Service S.R.O operates freight trains on other routes. However, the European rail freight corridors Rotterdam/Antwerp-Aachen-Berlin-Warsaw, Zeebrugge/Antwerp/Rotterdam-Duisburg-Basle-Geneve, Hamburg-Innsbruck-Palermo form the focus of World Logistic Service S.R.O operations and are used to a large extend.

Our rail services is important, multimodal link, which makes it possible to transport goods by rail between Tilburg and many European and Asian destinations. Together with Barge Terminal Tilburg, our company forms a tri-modal cluster, which guarantees maximum flexibility and security of transport, and offers solutions for all transport-related needs.

Full Train load

The concept full trainload involves the driving of a complete train for one customer. This customer often has large volumes to transport and has enough to load a full train (full train). In fact, such a customer charteWorld Logistic Service S.R.O a train, hence the name of charter traffic. Another name used for full train load is block train.

At full trainload have sender and receiver often siding on site. This means that no additional transhipment is needed at a terminal and therefore there is no road or road transport. Because the train is fully loaded, it is often possible to drive directly to the country of destination. Rangeing is no longer necessary and therefore this transport is also faster.

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rail freight services can be as follows:

  • Creation and optimization of custom-made logistical concepts
  • Scheduling and operating national and international shuttle trains and car-set-systems
  • Border-crossing traction of shuttles in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, as well as in other countries in cooperation with corporate partners.
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